A nice review  from Citizen Erased blog

by Kathryn Luna

zina nedelcheva


Lazarina Nedelcheva is an illustrator and painter from Bulgaria who I found one day on Society6 by chance and whose work I fell in love with. Although I should say fell in love is not as accurate as it would be to say creeped out and thus enthralled with her work. Artwork that makes you feel uncomfortable and confronts you with a certain emotion and makes feel like you have to stare at it to somehow ‘figure it out’ for me is the greatest art. Her work does exactly that, especially her paintings of semi-human like bodies with childlike faces that are both familiar yet odd at the same time. I find myself transfixed by the faces; they appear to be faces yet at the same time masks. You are never sure if you are looking at children wearing a jumper of an animal or unknown human like figure wearing a mask. I find her work illuminating and her way of adding accessories to the characters to add depth and story is riveting because it usually just leaves the viewer with more questions. The lack of color of her work also allows you to be drawn in and notice the more increate parts of her paintings and creates this world of polka dots and stripes that her characters seem to co-exist in. I find it fascinating, and was even more delighted to find she makes dolls and brooches as well that carry over this imaginary world. Her dolls and brooches although different in body from her paintings feature the same circular faces/masks upon them. They are just as odd and familiar as her other work. Her world is one that I am very intrigued to see where it goes. She to me is an artist I am waiting for more from as I cannot get enough.


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