Zina ~Hello,

My name is Lazarina Nedelcheva or many know me as Zina.

 I’m a graduate graphic artist from Bulgaria. Art for me is a way of portraying a feeling, a thought, an opinion or just a point of view, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. I love to be able to create a drawing or a doll or any kind of creature at all that other people would enjoy. I can find inspiration in music,  people, odd things and creatures on the side of the road, art materials, old fabrics. Little things that could be just sitting there in the corner, unnoticeable for others, old and forgotten often are start point for my works. I refer to the oddness of everything.

I adore the opportunity  to be able to draw whatever is in my head and try to show it to the rest of the world.

For any questions about purchases, orders, labels, publishers, magazines, artists, bands, galleries, fan zines, collaborations, interests in working on a project together or just ideas feel free to contact me, write me a personal message or email me