Opening night for the Part of Heart mini art festival

71146362_2290419507735673_2581614204930752512_oPart f Heart mini art festival

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Капана Фест – 2016 Пловдив

Капана Фест – 2016 Пловдив

На 3, 4 и 5 Юни  се състоя лятното издание на Капана Фест в Пловдив. Зайковците участваха в него, имаха си симпатична дървена къщичка, която ги пазеше от жарко слънце и буйни дъждове ( макар и кратки 😉 ).

Ето малко снимчици на дневна светлина…вечер беше толкова натоварено с хора, че за снимки нямаше време, но повече може да намерие и видите в страницата на Капана фест в facebook.






Vans off the Art @ Kapana fest ’15

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2015-05-31 13.27.34viber image11231858_10206509025742783_5788794618945783216_n

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The Magic of Lines

The Magic of Lines


Finally got my  Album piece ” The Magic of Lines” in the mailbox yesterday and I’m happy showoff  with my pages in it 😉

Make sure to get it when it’s out and enjoy the beautiful art pieces in it!



1990 Magazine

A small spread in the 1990 Magazine 🙂

Thank you guys for the kind words!

( Click on the images to enlarge for reading)




Be yourself!

People are gonna try and change you, for them. So if you want to be an artist, creative in any ways, know what you want to say and what’s interesting about you, what separates you from other people. Know what makes you especially different, what is it what your voice brings to the table. Don’t let be persuade by anybody else’s opinion. Your point of view is as essential to creative development of the art as anybody else is.

And then primacy will find you.


Art Takes Times Square

Last night was the premiere of Art Takes Times Square and my artwork, along with others’, was displayed on billboards in Times Square, New York

 Thanks to some people that were there we do have a partial video and some photos, but not to all artworks that were shown last night. I still don’t have a video or pics of my work showing but I can only hope that there will be some video and photo gallery of the whole event posted somewhere.

Well after all it did feel pretty exciting knowing that my art was visible for so many people at that crazy place.

If you have any pics or videos, Please post them on Artists Wanted facebook page.

Follow this link for more pics.

Here are some others: