Vans off the Art @ Kapana fest ’15

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Cloths for Your Glasses

Cloths for Your Glasses

Here are the bunny cloths for glasses. They are very cute and colorful and would brighten your day at every glance 😉
If you’d like to make a purchase just write me in personal messages!
Have fun!

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Every time I start drawing  something small and fragile, when it’s done it’s hard for me to part with it. And here comes the saving thought that somebody somewhere likes  it and would be very happy to  have. The thought that someone enjoys my creature as much as I do makes me happy to give it away.

But this one is mine.

Soon I’ll be posting  different  Badges and Bunny dolls, most of which will be up for sale at some point ( as soon as I can manage to finish them).

I do hope you’ll enjoy them.