RedBull Canvas Cooler @ Kapana fest ’15


“I See Candy”










Vans off the Art @ Kapana fest ’15

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A bit of a photo shoot

Here are some photos from a collaboration with alternative jewelry “PaIndora”. You can find more at


Candy Zombies coming closer

Work is still in progress but here is a pretty close preview to the Candy Zombies

Candy Zombie Bunny


Candy Zombie Bunnies – brooches

Some of my Zombie Bunnies ended up on a metal frame…

Candy Zombie Bunnies


Candy Zombie Bunnies – figurines

” Candy Zombie Bunnies ” is a project I’m working on  which involves small figurines I make from polymer clay.

The idea was for them to be these little cute but odd bunnies with a sweet tooth for sugar, but now looking at some of them I could actually see them more as a Zombie Bunnies 🙂 which I’m starting to like even more. They are hungry but it’s just that they have craving hunger for candy instead of flesh 😉

.. Who knows..

Candy Zombie Bunnies

Candy Bunnies


Bijoux created in collaboration with PaIndora

Bijoux created in collaboration with PaIndora – Alternative handmade Jewelry and Accessories

If you would like to make a purchase feel free to ask, write me a personal message or email me. Thank you and enjoy 🙂

(Click on the images to follow the link to the pages where you can purchase)

Zinaarts & PaIndoraZinaarts & PaIndora


Some new illustrated wooden bangles are coming up !

To see more click on the imageThe pink Marten


Crazy eyed bunnies brooches for you!

Here they are, almost ready for shipping, so if you want to be an owner of a crazy brained bunny just let me know in a personal message. 🙂

They’d make a great present to give to yourself or your friends!



Christmas gifts for you!

With Christmas coming soon think of friends and family and even yourself and the presents they deserve, make sure to put a smile on their faces with special gifts you can find at
Also stay tuned for new items at Zinaarts page – brooches, bangles, jewelry, etc. Have fun! 🙂

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