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My name is Lazarina Nedelcheva or just Zina. Welcome to the Alley of Wonders!

 I’m a graduate graphic artist from Bulgaria. Art for me is a way of portraying feelings, thoughts or just a point of view. I find inspiration in music, people, odd things and creatures on the side of the road, art materials, old fabrics. Little things that could be just sitting there in the corner, unnoticeable for others, old and forgotten often are start point for my works. I refer to the oddness of everything.

Zinaarts is a result of my imagination and it contains everything that is fabulous, strange and unusual. The spirit of this world can be revealed in clothing (brand “Pesto & Avocado”), jewelry, dolls, paintings, accessories, etc. Each jewel is made and illustrated by hand. Every single creation is done with a lot of attention, love and inspiration, so that it can give mood and individual style.

Just adore the opportunity  to be able to create whatever is in my head and show it to the rest of the world.

For any questions about purchases, orders, labels, publishers, magazines, artists, bands, galleries, fan zines, collaborations, interests in working on a project together or just ideas feel free to contact me, write me a personal message or email me.

Have fun, beautiful people!

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