In the beginning, there is copyright …

Be aware and keep your rights!

In the beginning, there is copyright …

An idea comes to the mind of a creator.
The idea takes form. Its form may be a painting on canvas, a pastel drawing on paper, a melody and lyrics recorded on tape, or perhaps a novel penned on parchment.

In the digital world, its form may be a digital painting, drawing, melody or poem … it may be a novel, illustration, web page, software program, or scripting element … all captured on a hard drive.

These are the creative results of an original idea or concept fixed to a tangible medium. Copyright begins here.

Per The Copyright Act of 1976 (effective in 1978), there are three fundamental criteria to establish copyright:

• Fixation to a tangible medium
• Originality
• Minimal creativity

Registering your original work with the Office of Copyright is not required for intellectual property to be protected by copyright.¹

Names, titles, slogans and short phrases are not protected by copyright law but may be protected under trademark, tradename or slogan mark laws.

¹While registering for copyright is not required, the legal registration with the Office of Copyright will benefit the copyright owner should an issue of infringement occur. Registering copyright is beneficial because you cannot sue for copyright infringement without registration.
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Muse “Dead Inside”


At the moment this is ( as music ) what keeps me entertained and filled with passion to draw 🙂

What is your thing?





~Anybody has a dream to do something. That dream will keep you warm in the coldest of nights. It needs to be cultured and cultivated..even if you never speak to another person in your life that dream has to keep you company. So I would poor everything into that dream. And how you manifest and implement your dream to become a reality is a very individual case. So the concept of a dream in itself is a fantastic and wonderful starting place.

~You must not be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling~



Be yourself!

People are gonna try and change you, for them. So if you want to be an artist, creative in any ways, know what you want to say and what’s interesting about you, what separates you from other people. Know what makes you especially different, what is it what your voice brings to the table. Don’t let be persuade by anybody else’s opinion. Your point of view is as essential to creative development of the art as anybody else is.

And then primacy will find you.