Vans off the Art @ Kapana fest ’15

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Custom Vans Sneakers

Custom Vans Sneakers

Working on some custom Vans shoes

~ The rabbit is going to eat ya!

Zinaarts Vans


KNAPP & Zinaarts : The alley with the rabbits Light collection S/S 2013

Welcome to

Knapp house and Zinaarts collaborating together creating one magic and inspirational line just for you. Hopefully everyone is going to have a bunny for their wardrobe …

Photos by Diliana Florentin
Photographer assistant Вергиния Янчева
Hair dresser Georgi Petkov for The Snakes
Make-up Daniela Avramova
Model Bilyana B. Slaveykova
Original rabbit drawings by Zina Nedelcheva
Post prodution Diliana Florentin and Verginia Yancheva