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I ‘m happy to present to you the new brand  “Dreams in Drawings” 🙂

Irmena Chichikova is the dreamer and I  do the drawins, based on her dreams. It started with the Red Envelope and now we have 11 limited edition pices that  are available for you at

officiallogobrand- dreamsindrawings

(click on the image to lead you to our official FB page)

And here is just a quick look:

Dreams in Drawings


Be yourself!

People are gonna try and change you, for them. So if you want to be an artist, creative in any ways, know what you want to say and what’s interesting about you, what separates you from other people. Know what makes you especially different, what is it what your voice brings to the table. Don’t let be persuade by anybody else’s opinion. Your point of view is as essential to creative development of the art as anybody else is.

And then primacy will find you.